We hope to encourage fellowship at the hospitality time directly after the Sunday worship service.  Those who are currently disciples of Jesus Christ can most readily make new disciples by sharing in fellowship with new people, as with current church members as well.  Connecting with current church members presents us with time to plan, arrange for other events or simply share in one’s life.The hospitality hour is sponsored by individuals serving as hosts/hostesses We have planned special hospitality time for Easter Sunrise Service, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Children’s Day (last Sunday of Sunday school), church picnic, Veterans’ Day and on fifth Sundays. Leadership in our church feels as though Sunday fellowship falls into a category of missions, a mission that we administer to each other, a time to share with each other and for new people to get to know us.  Although we try to keep hospitality within reason, at times it has grown into full meals, and we usually service approximately eighty people.  We also have others in the church who are not attached to these small groups, but who nevertheless assist with hospitality.  Countryside is truly blessed to have such a fellowship time for folks to share with each other.  If you feel called to lend a hand please see Joyce LaRue or any member of the hospitality team