Equal Exchange is a fair trade company that we participate in as one of our mission projects. It is a worker owned co-operative that supports small farmers who are then supported by congregations and organizations nationwide.

The Panzi Hospital was founded by Dr. Dennis Mukwege in The Democratic Republic of the Congo and benefits from the sale of Congo coffee. Congo coffee is one of the products offered through this program. One dollar of every pound sold goes to the hospital and Equal Exchange has given $60,000 so far.

Since 1999 the hospital has treated tens of thousands of women who are survivors of epidemic sexual violence or are in need of reproductive or maternal care. Beyond the medical, their care includes essential counseling, skill training, literacy education and day care.

This is only one of the stories that are part of why we and others are involved in this worthwhile project. 

There are a variety of products available besides different types of coffee and also from different countries.

Much more information is available online at www.equalexchange.coop