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During our virtual May 3 worship service, we will be celebrating Communion.  If you would like to commune with fellow worshippers, please arrange to have some bread and grape juice (or reasonable substitutes) with you while you participate in the service.  Remember that our Lord took what was at hand during the Passover meal and instituted the Lord's supper.  In these days of limited shopping, what you have at hand will suffice.  Missionaries in Tonga (where neither grapes nor wheat were grown) used coconut and coconut water for the body and blood.  In 1954, missionaries in Irian Jaya (West Papua) recognized that raspberries and yams were staples; thus raspberry juice and chunks of yam became the blood and body of Christ.  Worshipping in a Presbyterian Church in Colombia in 1983, communion stewards were sent to the local store to get the elements and came back with sugar cookies and red soda.  We are celebrating Christ's presence above all in the sharing of Communion; so please use what you have at hand.