Our Children Miss You!!!

It's true... Countryside's children miss seeing everyone in Sunday School and church every week. So we're holding a Greeting Card Drive to show our love to them. Cards may be dropped off at the church until June 19. Below is the list of children's names - those in the same household are listed together.

Zachary & Jordan E.
Tobias and Theodora
Kyrsten & Naomi
Scott & Delia
Ali, Miley, Valentina, Nicholas, & Trey
Tommaso & Matteo
Mason & Hailey
Adrian & Alexis
Andrew, Amelia & family
Logan & Issac
Jordan M.
Giada & Emme


Parsonage Work Day

A work day at the Parsonage is scheduled for Tuesday, June 16, from 9 am to 8 pm. (You do not need to stay for the full day – any time you can give us will be greatly appreciated). There is some maintenance work to be done during the transition between families to include:

  • carpet cleaning
  • window washing
  • driveway repair
  • brush cutting
  • other indoor and outdoor work.

Please contact Donna Urbaniak (570-587-5358 or urban01@epix.net) if you can help.

We are also in need of air conditioning window units for the parsonage. If you have one that is clean and in good working condition that you would like to donate, please email the church office or call 570-587-3206.

We are planning a Drive-By Farewell Celebration for the Terwilligers on Sunday, June 21 from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm. Mark and Phyllis will be stationed under the portico at the main entrance of the church, and you can drive up to wish them a fond farewell. This will be their last day with us here at Countryside.
Prayer List

Personal or Health Concerns:
Rhoda Miller
Rev. M. Lynn Snyder
Maxine Warren
Amy Brown
Elaine Green
Jane Courtright
Bill Lindberg
Patti Stofka
Dorothea Atherholt
Chuck Evancho
Jane Evancho
Shirley Horton
Carole Stewart
Debbie Suprick
Jim Gallagher
Shaun Schench
Chris Thomas
Brad Stewart
David Walker
Kerry Kopetchny
Karen Lewart
Kathy Agostini
Midge Dingee
Mike Suprick
Raylynne Thubbron
Alice Kircher
Joe Kostiak
Sharon Edwards
National and World Prayer Requests:
The Global United Methodist Church
Churches in transition
Coronavirus  outbreak
An end to racial injustice
Grieving Families:
The Families of Joan Allen, Allen Huggler, Michael Fenick, Mary Lou Bugelhall, Mike Edwards
Long-Term Care:
Abington Manor, Clarks Summit: Mary Miller
Amos Towers, Scranton: Thelma Gardner
Gino Merli Veterans’ Center, Scranton: George Warren, Harry Pasternak